Special Skills:

Music: Professional Musician. Accomplished jazz pianist, singer and recording artist.

Sings in five languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French.

Composer, Songwriter, Conductor.

Multi-instrumentalist. Piano, Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Accordion, Drums. 

Languages: English, Spanish

Accents and dialogues: American-California, American-southern states, various red-neck, New York, various English, Hispanic, generic eastern-European.

Cain is an Artist in Residence with the Southern California Jazz Society and a Docent with the San Diego Symphony Advocates For Classical Music, giving educational lectures and seminars on the history of jazz, Latin music, and classical music to elementary, high school and college students.

Cain is author of the book “Life’s A Good Gig,” nominated for best non-fiction book by the San Diego Book & Writers Awards.