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Silly Songs and Lullabies


Fun songs for kids and families. Features "The Cain Kids Singers." Companion coloring/work book available.

Now Available! The Silly Songs & Lullabies Reader! A companion book to the CD. A coloring book, work book with text for young readers. Check the website for info:

John Cain, musician, composer, artists, teacher has been delighting audiences with his unique talent. His mission is to enhance the imaginations of children through his music and drawings, with the philosophy that childhood should be fun, creative, and magical. Whether performing live or teaching in the classroom, Cain is always fun and entertaining. Here's what professional educators are saying about John Cain's "Silly Songs & Lullabies." "Again, John Cain demonstrates his versatility and talent with his new CD "Silly Songs & Lullabies" for children. All the components are present for sheer enjoyment and for the expression of a child's imagination and creativity. The words can be learned quickly, the music is catchy and the rhythms compelling. A "must have" for the home or school music collection." John Rodriguez, Deputy Under Secretary U.S. Dept. of Education

"Congatulations! Your whimsical lyrics combined with excellent music are exactly what children need. My teachers are enjoying the album...can't wait to use "The Chili Pepper Cha Cha," Tarkus" and "My Teddy Bear Can Talk" in activities with the children, and "The Night Night Song" at nap time." Kathy Ranck, Child Development Programs, National City School District, Cailifornia.

"There are several good sing alongs and lots of songs will be great for exercises and teaching rhythm and coordination. Silly and enjoyable to kids, these songs will stimulate a child's imagination. "The Earth Is Your Mama" and "Arizona Sky" are great for getting kids in touch with nature. Children will love and giggle at "Baby Tiger" and it teaches a good lesson! The lullabies create calmness and soothing with their suggested night time activities...great for children with sleep problems." Doris Gantz, Sweetwater Education Association, California

"From my 23 years of teaching elementary school in the La Jolla and San Diego school system I feel that children of all ages would enjoy these songs and perhaps even try to become creative writers on their own. The catchy rhythms and contemporary sounds along with a cool brand of humor in the wording should get you humming, singing and even dancing along!" Phil Rust, Elemantary School Teacher, San Diego, California

"I am writing to express my appreciation and thanks for your performance for the Castle Park School students. Because of our large Hispanic population your presentation had great relevance for our kids. The fact that you're a professional entertainer who still found time to fit our school into your schedule is particularly impressive." Jerry La Russa, Principal, Castle Park Middle School, Chula Vista, California.

"Thanks so much for your great performance. The children just loved your music and are still singing some of their favorites! Come back and see us some time!" Students and Staff, Barnard Elementary School, San Diego, California.

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