A philosophical, gospel train song. A video is in production.


There is an old freight train
just a chuggin’ on down the line
ain’t paying nobody no never mind
just leaving it all behind.
I feel like that freight train
just rollin’ on down that track
I fly from the falling rain
never ever lookin’ back
Away from all them liars,
Their fires and their desires,
Away from all those cheaters,
the thieves and deceivers of my soul
And if’n I be that train
I’d not haul they’ heavy freight
nor their toxic crates of heartache
not their boxcars full of hate
I’d roll right out that station,
straight up midnight on the dot.
Their perfidias degradations
‘d be forgiven but not forgot
I am that old freight train
just leavin’ it all behind 
Woo, woo