About J. Riley Cain

There are several other musicians named John Cain. Internet searches can't distinguish between us. Therefore I started using my alternate name J. Riley Cain. It seems fitting since I moved to New Orleans. It sounds kind of "southern." 

J. Riley Cain, (AKA John Cain) know principally as a jazz pianist and singer, is also a  composer, author, actor, bandleader, arranger and conductor.

He is a multi-instrumentalist playing piano, guitar, bass, harmonica, accordion, and sings in five languages.

Cain performs solo and with his jazz trio. He performs frequently with his wife, singer KatieCat, in the duo "KatieCat & Cain."

Cain also tours and records with the San Francisco bay area smooth jazz group “GTF.”  GTF has number one hit songs and albums that chart in the top 50 world wide smooth jazz charts.  

He currently performs all around New Orleans at venues that vary, but often at The Silk Road, Houston's, The Gazebo Cafe, and venues on Frenchmen street.

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Five-Star Jazz Band on GigSalad

After living in South America for a few years where he owned, operated and performed at his own jazz venue, Cain now resides in New Orleans, Louisiana.  He performs in NOLA and does stints throughout the United States and other countries around the world.

He is an Artist In Residence with the SoCal Jazz Society and The Jazz Society Of Ecuador.  He is a docent with The Advocates For Classical Music on behalf of The San Diego Symphony.  In addition to live performances he gives educational seminars on the history of jazz, Latin music and classical music.

He is author of the critically acclaimed book "Life's A Good Gig," nominated for best non fiction book by the San Diego Book & Writers Awards. He has penned several essays and articles for various publications.

 In 1606 because of the plague Shakespeare had to close his theater for a year.  In that year he wrote King Lear, Macbeth and Anthony And Cleopatra

In 2020 when the pandemic halted all live performances, many musicians and artists found themselves in limbo. Cain decided to "go Shakespeare."   He's been composing and writing a musical comedy, "A City With Soul."   It's set in his adopted home city, New Orleans.  In addition to writing the script, composing the songs and writing the score, he has been recording the songs for the show.  As recordings are completed they can be listened to and viewed on Youtube 

In 2018 Cain released two new albums. "Leavin' It All Behind," a collection of all original songs recorded in South America. and "The John Cain Jazz Trio Live From Level Five," an album of jazz standards recorded live with his jazz trio featuring bassist Grant Clarkson and drummer Marly Waak.  Both albums, as well as all his other albums, are available on all major music streaming platforms and in the "Shopping" and music sections of this website. Or simply click on the album title to access them on CD Baby.

Leavin' It All Behind

Live From Level Five