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Between the dusk and dawnI feel like I just can’t go onthe world could just stop spinningno music and no more songs  just let it be endingI listened to the skyits sad song made me cry   When I had lost my willI climbed up on the hilland there I stayeduntil I saw the rainbow fadeAnd then the sun sank downthe night is the beginning nowthe world surely is spinning  moon magic and stars and clouds trees in the wind singinglistening to the moonwrestling with a tunewhen I ask her for the answershe told me dreams are dancers that fade away and disappear and end too soonAnd then the sun came upThe world still must be whirling ‘roundthe world surely is spinningseed magic inside the groundbird music and singing I listened to the moonit seemed to sing a tuneand I was born againwhere have I been?like sunshine to a seedit set my spirit freeand I was born againwhere have I been, my friend?like sunshine to a seedit set my spirit free