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I’m gonna tell you ‘bout a thingthat happens now and thena strange and cosmic feelingthere’s no tellin’ where or when it’s coincidental, it kind of mentalit’s all around and among ya’it’s a curious phenomenacalled the Isness of the FwungaYou’re minding your own bid’nessjust walking down the streetsomeone pops into your headthen suddenly you meetthey were thinking of you the sameMaybe it ain’t nothing but a thang,  my friend you just experienced the Issnes of the fwungaTalkin’ ‘bout the Issnes of the fwungapretty mama it gonna stun ya’Talkin’ ‘bout the Issnes of the fwungaif you were a bell it would’ve rung ya’The isness of the fwungaWhen you have a realizationand it straight up blows your mindand there’s no interpretationthat makes sense, that you can finddon’t want to be the one who bums yayour karmic vibes out run ya’but you just had a run in withthe Issnes of the fwunga