Live from Level Five

The John Cain Jazz Trio

Recorded Live from Level Five. Jazzy jazz. Herein The John Cain Jazz trio offers inspired renditions of jazz classics, Santana and Mose Allison tunes. Grant Clarkson is on bass and Marly Waak is on drums.

Pianist/singer John Cain was living in South America for the past few years running his own jazz night club. He recently relocated to New Orleans. Bassist Grant Clarkson rose to the top of the huge LA musician talent pool to become one of the most sought after players not only in jazz but in orchestra and session work as well. Drummer Marly Waak is a legendary "road dog" who has played every style of music in every corner of the world. He doesn't merely play the drums, he plays music on the drums. He's a spiritual cat. The trio met while gigging in San Diego California and soon realized how much they like playing together. They decided to go to all the way to Level Five.

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