John Cain


Silly Songs & Lullabies

The Snack from "Silly Songs & Lullabies"

John Cain


The Snack I was really, really, really, really, really hungry, So I asked my mom if I could have a snack. She gave me a stick of celery to hold me off till dinner, But I just frowned and then I gave it back. (refrain) But my mama shook her head. She looked at me and said, “Is there something else you’d rather have instead?” I thought for a moment, then I said: I’d rather have a ten colored rainbow on a hamburger bun, With a piece of a cloud and a slice of the sun. Or some moon flavored pancakes with some syrup from mars, With a sky-flavored milkshake and a big bowl of stars!” (refrain) “Ahhhh, I’d rather have bunny ears on bagels with hummingbird beaks, Or frog belly pie and some butterfly cheeks, Or kitty-ear cookies or salamander soup, Or lizard-lip licorice or puppy-tail stew.” (refrain) “I’d like to eat a big roasted rock or some bumble bee burritos, Or a fried cuckoo clock sprinkled with mosquitoes, Or dog-nose doughnuts or nanny goat nachos, Or French fried ice cubes or tiger-toe tacos!” My mama shook her head and she looked at me and said, “Are you sure there isn’t something else you’d rather have instead?” I thought for a moment then I said: “Ahhh, mama! Could I have a nice stick of celery, please!”