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Tarkus Goes To Dog School from "Silly Songs & Lullabies"

John Cain


Tarkus Goes To Dog School This is the story of Tarkus the dog. His coat is kind of scruffy like rust-colored fog. He went to the park with his master to jog. But he jumped into the lake and tried to bite frogs. And then he jumped in the mud and he rolled like a hog. And after we bathed him the drain became clogged! We dried him real well and we fed him some grog. He ate like a pig and then slept like a log! Tarkus is a dog who doesn’t always obey, No matter what you do or no matter what you say! He won’t sit up. Roll over, or stay. Sometimes when you call him he runs the other way! All he ever does is eat, sleep and play. We’re going to teach him manners and to act the right way! We’re sending him to dog school next Monday! (“Yeah, we’re sending you to dog school, Tarkus, next Monday!”) ...Woof, woof...