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My Teddy Bear Can Talk! from "Silly Songs & Lullabies"

John Cain


It's true! But I'm the only one he talks to. He's shy.


My Teddy Bear Can Talk! Mt teddy bear can talk to me! He whispers in my ear. My teddy bear is shy and hopes that no one else can hear. So he only talks to me. I’ll tell you what he’s saying. Right now he says he wants a cookie and that he feels like playing! My teddy bear can really talk to me! I know you think I’m kiddin’. But he’s the one who told me where the cookie jar was hidden. And teddy bears can’t climb too well or open up the cupboard door. So he asked me if I’d get him a couple of cookies more! My teddy bear can talk to me! I’ll tell you what he said. He said he’s feeling sleepy and that he wants to go to bed. He’s telling me that tomorrow he’s got teddy bear things to do. Oh, one last thing he wants to say, He says he loves you too! One more thing he’s telling me He says he loves you too! (My teddy bear can really talk! Well, it’s true!