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Baby Tiger from "Silly Songs & Lullabies"



One summer I worked playing music at the WIld Animal Park Zoo in Escondido, Ca. That year the most popular thing at the zoo was Samurai the baby tiger. He was very cute so I wrote this song about him.


Baby Tiger Way back in 1984 on a winter morn, down there in southern Californ’, a little baby tiger was born. . . It was one of those days when we found ourselves with not too much to do, So my mommy and my daddy took us all down to that wild animal park zoo, Where the giraffes and the rhinos and the Nubian goats are all just running around loose. And when my daddy was looking at the hippopotamuses, he got “goosed” by a wandering goose! But over there, behind the window-that’s where everybody’s eyes were. There was the cutest little guy named “Masurai,” the brand new baby tiger! (refrain) Oh, everybody loves the baby tiger, everybody loves the baby tiger! Everybody loves the baby tiger! Everybody wants to take him home! Everybody wants to take him home! Well, he looked so cute in his fuzzy tiger suit, I guess I just fell in love. And I wanted to cuddle and hold him so bad, I don’t know what I was thinking of, But I snuck behind to the back of his cage and when the zookeeper wasn’t lookin’, I lifted the latch and I opened the door and I reached right down and I took him! (refrain) Well, I grabbed that baby tiger by the scruff of his neck and I stuffed him inside my shirt. And I made for the exit where the zookeeper was waiting, and with a funny, little smile and a smirk, He said, ”Son, your baby-tiger-taking-scheme, it just isn’t going to work.” Then he held up a big juicy T-bone steak and that baby tiger went berserk, inside my shirt! (refrain) The zookeeper took the baby tiger from me and he put him back together with his mom. And he gave me band aids for my scratches and my cuts and told me this is where the baby tiger belongs. He said, “:Son, I hoped you learned a good lesson, ’cause taking baby tigers is wrong! But this time I’ll let you go ’cause everybody knows that’s the reason why we always sing this song! Oh! (refrain)