John Cain


Silly Songs & Lullabies

Arizona Sky from "Silly Songs & LUllabies"



Arizona Sky Me and my horse out in the desert tonight, A full moon rising slow behind some cactus. We listen to the warm wind come rolling down the canyon, As we dream beneath the Arizona sky. The lonesome coyote's call is sweet music to my ears. The shining stars are diamonds in the night. And with the morning sun, it’s time to have some fun. We ride into the Arizona sky. We ride off into the Arizona sky. The bad guys never catch us ’cause my pony he can fly. When they’re just about to get us he leaps into the sky. We soar above the crimson clouds-leave our troubles far below, And then we lope along a rainbow to a pasture that we know. We sail right through the silver rain, through moonbeams across the stars, Then my pony gallops home again, landing in our own backyard. Me and my horse had an adventure last night, But now it’s time to dress and go to school. But when the evening sky grows dim I know that soon again, We’ll dream beneath the Arizona sky. Me and my pony we will fly… We will fly across the Arizona sky.