Reina De Mi Amor (Woman of My Heart)-bossalero from "Todo Latino" and "Salsa Nova"

Words & Music: Cain Spanish lyric: Juan Manuel Morones


This is one of my personal favorites. I wrote the music and English lyric and Juan Morones wrote a beautiful Spanish lyric. I mixed rythmic genres for a relaxed beat; bossa nova and bolero-together it becomes "bossalero."


Woman of my heart. Woman of my dreams. The sparkle and the spirit in her eyes. Just make me want to not die. She's the wave in my ocean she's my summer sun, Now I'm taken to the notion she'd the only and the one. Woman I adore, Woman of my soul. Woman of my heart I love you, and it's as simple as this, I want to be your man. Reina de mi amor, Duena del candor, Que provoca con su cuerpo la pasion, y motiva todo mi ilusion. Es preciosa entre las bellas, es mi cielo azul, es de mi noches las estrellas de mi manana el sol La mujer que adoro, Mi querer, mi tesoro. Yo tengo que cantar que te amo. Pero dime que tu, Tu me amas tambien.