John Cain


Salsa Nova


Music & Lyric by John Cain


Life is the opposite of non-existence And the universe is everything that there is The planet earth is spinning in a circle around the sun As the molecules and cells and atoms dance It could be random chance Perhaps a grander scheme Some say it’s just a dream and everything’s not what it seems Time is a frustrating space to be caught in But we ride it out ‘cause we don’t have a choice And it seems to take forever Even at the speed of light As our chemical reactions, in the bight, Are sparking in the dark And lighting up my brain As though a bio-plasmic hologram is all I am And you can believe anything you conceive of And then pretend it’s true until the day that you die But the truth is still reality and reality is real Still it doesn’t change the way it makes you feel And that’s the mystery, at least it is to me ‘cause there’s a history of reasons how we got this way but who am I to say, ‘cause I don’t really know but evidently love is what is making the whole thing go