John Cain


Salsa Nova

I Almost Felt Alive-from the CD "Salsa Nova"

John Cain
Music & Lyrics by John Cain


In space a spiral cloud of gas and dust, Collapses on itself and becomes us. It didn't have to go to all that fuss, 'Cause it was all there is and all there was. The photons from the early Autumn sky, colliding with the neurons of my eyes, Transform into the silver tears I cry, For a moment I think I almost felt alive. The electric charge of ions in the wind, Dancing on the atoms of my skin, My embouchure contorts into a grin, For a moment I think I felt alive again. Sunrise as another day begins, Just an illusion from the way the planet spins. Where we're going is always where we've been, That's probably why I felt alive again.