"All" from the CD "Salsa Nova"

John Cain
John Cain


I love your smile and your soft caress. I love your style and the way you dress. I guess I even love the way you make my life a mess. And like a child I'm so impressed, I'm totally with you obsessed. I love your eyes. I adore your face, And your lovely little lies, and your sweet embrace, I love it when you know just when and why to let me have my space. I love your thighs. I love your waist. I even love the way you taste. I love the passion of your kisses When your hair falls in between our lips. I love your fingernails and breath upon my chest. I love your very depths. When evening falls I love the way we make Love shadows on the wall. I love it all. I love your lips and your silk soft hands, and your slender hips and the way you stand. And if I start to lose my grip you always take my hand. I love the way you understand, The little boy inside the man.