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The new book by John Cain is now available! "Life’s A Good Gig- A gringo musician’s journey into the world of Latin music" "...a perfect read for all the dreamers and air-guitar players out there who never figured out how to travel and play music for a living." (San Diego City Beat) A must read for any parent whose teenager wants to be a musician. Insights into the secret lives of working musicians. About the Book “Life’s a Good Gig,” takes us on an international romp from the ultimate groove to the infamous gig from hell with a band of brothers like no others, some cool cats, some downright deadbeats. It’s Jimmy Buffet gone Bill Bryson. Musician/adventurer John Cain, like chef Anthony Bourdain, samples each musical genre like a savory stew, and shares the creative process from the ridiculous to the sublime—from the dubious singing dog to X-rated song lyrics to an unimaginable code of professional ethics. Cain explores the mysteries of music and life in this well-crafted memoir of his musical sojourn. Jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the ride! To purchase go to "Purchase Products" on this website. Special internet price: $21.95 ($5.00 off retail)