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John Cain’s Annual Birthday Fundraiser

You’re Invited! Saturday May 31st John Cain’s Annual Birthday Fundraiser For the Puerta De Fe (Door of Faith) Orphanage In La Mission, Baja California, Mexico At the Bahia Hotel in the Tangier Lounge 8:00pm till Midnight 998 West Mission Bay Drive, San Diego, Ca. Here’s the deal: Come in for an evening of music and drinks to celebrate Cain’s B-day but bring no gifts. Instead make a tax-deductable donation to the Puerta De Fe Orphanage. Any and every little bit helps. You can make out a check to Door of Faith or toss some cash into the till on the piano. For details about this event e-mail John Cain @ or call toll free 877 652-8523 Or check the website: Here is a glimpse of what they go through in a week at Door of Faith Orphanage! 2,850 meals 980 showers 567 diapers 480 loads of laundry 175 rolls of toilet paper 109 Band-Aids 98 trips to school 70 gallons of milk 45 haircuts 37 "time-outs" 15 gallons of bleach 4 trips to the doctor 2 birthday cakes Countless hugs!! Although we receive no financial support from the Mexican government, we do work closely with them. 90% of the children that we care for are brought to us by Mexican Social Services. We have very few true orphans. Many of our kids have been abandoned or come from abusive homes some are with us because their parents simply can no longer care for them. If the children are here due to financial hardship, we encourage their parents to come visit their children as often as they can. Occasionally the children are able to return to their families if it has been determined that they are able to care for them. All our support comes in the form of donations for the US. We work with churches, corporations, and service organizations. The majority of our funding comes from individuals with a desire to help the children. Less than 3% of our budget is used for fundraising. We are a 501©3 non-profit organization and are able to accept tax-deductible charity donations. Such donations can be money (contributions, sponsorships, etc) or goods. We are happy to provide a receipt for all donations. In the case of goods, our receipt can be used to show what you donated, but not to establish its value for your tax return.. Tax ID #41-2063114 For further information about the Door of Faith: Door of Faith Website: Door of Faith Orphanage P.O. Box 6434 Chula Vista, CA 91909 Email