John Cain


Mas Latino

Moonshine Tequila from "Mas Latino"

John Cain
Music & Lyrics by John Cain


This is a "true" story about my friend the legendery bartender Mario Delgado who one time brought me a one-gallon plastic milk bottle from Tequila, Mexico full of home made tequila. Aayyyyy!!!!!!!


I' got me an amigo named Mario he brought me a bottle from Mexico It was the color of the sun, it tasted like gold it was moonshine tequila from Tequila, Mexico! Moonshine tequila, ay, ay, ay! Moonshine tequila, oh, oh, oh! It's the color of the sun, it tastes like gold, Moonshine tequila from Tequila, Mexico. I poured a little glass and I took a little sip and in just un momentito my knees began to dip I chugged another swig and tried to keep a grip but that moonshine tequila it put me on my lips! Mario and I were feeling pretty high then Mario decided he'd try to kiss the sky, then he flapped his arms and he started to fly! It was the moonshine tequila, you know I wouldn't lie! He was floating on his back, flying through the air He was talking to a lady who maybe wasn't there. Then he started getting naked but no one even stared they were drinking that moonshine tequila and no one even cared!