John Cain


Life's A Good Gig-The CD

From TJ to LA

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John Cain
Music & Lyrics by John Cain


A theme song for those of us who live from Tijuana to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. From "Mas Latino" & "Life's A Good Gig."


From TJ to L.A.

Sexy girls in the sand on the beach where they lay

In the heat of the sun as it shines everyday

From TJ to L.A. From L.A. to TJ

If it don't dry up and all blow away

The night cools down and the hot music plays

From TJ to L.A.

We ought to drop the top,

Just you and me nonstop

From TJ to L.A.

From L.A. to TJ

It's the land where the grown up children play

We dream and we die as the palm trees sway

From L.A. to TJ

From TJ to L.A.

See 'em running up the middle of the freeway

It's not very far but it's sure a long way

From TJ to L.A.

Look at this magic mess

Our megalopolis

From TJ to L.A.

The girls in L.A. do the rumba en la manana

La misma noche hacen la cumbia en Tijuana.

Drop the top. Cruise control!

Mira que bonita el mar y el sol!

Hay que brilla el sol everyday, everyday.

Y cada noche the hot music plays!