John Cain


Life's A Good Gig-The CD

Back To Being Myself Again

Music & Lyrics by John Cain


From the CD Life's A Good Gig


In spite of all that we've been through 

I know our love was true

I tried so hard to save our love

I lost my self to you

In light of all this heartache

There's just but one thing left to do!

I'm going back to being myself again

Back to being my own best friend

I finally got so I was liking myself

Then living with you made a mess of my mental health

Leaving your love will not be easy to do

But if I stay you're only breaking my heart in two

Oh baby, that's what you do

I just can't stand these tears we cry

So I hope you understand the reason why

I'm going back to being myself again

I'm tired of taking it on the chin

I'm tired of feeling like the only one

You never give in, but I do and it's no fun

Sorry to say it, it's sad but it's true

But feeling this way I have to say goodbye to you

Oh, goodbye babe

I've looked in to your point of view

And this is what it leads me to.