John Cain


Life's A Good Gig-The CD


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Music & Lyrics by John Cain


 From the CD Life's A Good Gig. A new version recorded in 2007. Original version on "Salsa Nova" 2003


I love your smile and your soft caress.

I love your style and the way you dress.

I guess I even love the way you make my life a mess.

And like a child I'm so impressed,

I'm totally with you obsessed.

I love your eyes. I adore your face,

And your lovely little lies, and your sweet embrace,

I love it when you know just when and why to let me have my space.

I love your thighs. I love your waist.

I even love the way you taste.

I love the passion of your kisses When your hair falls in between our lips.

I love your fingernails and breath upon my chest. I love your very depths.

When evening falls I love the way we make Love shadows on the wall.

I love it all.

I love the way you make me feel

And the inner soul of you that's real 

The soul that deep inside yourself the world has failed to steal

The things you say, your heart and mind

I love the way your spirit shines

I love your lips and your silk soft hands,

and your slender hips and the way you stand.

And if I start to lose my grip you always take my hand.

I love the way you understand,

The little boy inside the man.