John Cain


Leavin' It All Behind - Songs From An Expat

Listening To The Moon ( Izhcayluma )

John Cain
John Cain



Between the dusk and dawn

I feel like I just can’t go on

the world could just stop spinning

no music and no more songs  

just let it be ending

I listened to the sky

its sad song made me cry   

When I had lost my will

I climbed up on the hill

and there I stayed

until I saw the rainbow fade


And if the sun goes down

the night is the beginning now

the world surely is spinning  

moon magic and stars and clouds 

trees in the wind singing

listening to the moon

I wrestled with a tune

When I asked her for the answer

She told me dreams are dancers 

that fade away and disappear 

and end too soon


And then the sun came up

The world still must be whirling ‘round

the world surely is spinning

seed magic inside the ground

bird music and singing

 I listened to the sun

A new song had begun

and I was born again

where have I been?

like sunshine to a seed

it set my spirit free