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Long time no hear, John. We'll look you up soon.
Hi John, it was so nice to see you,hear your voice and wonderful piano improvisation in Eddie V's on Sunday. Thank you for singing my favorite song "Smile" I wish to sing sometimes when you play some popular songs, like: Tenderly, My funny Valentine, The girl from Ipanema, The autumn leaves, beautiful love, my romance, unforgettable and more...
John, Spending time at Shooters at the Sheraton in La Jolla last week was the highlight of our time in San Diego. It was a pleasure meeting you and Katie and you made us and our son feel so very welcomed. Thanks for the great music, fun and hospitality! Todd & Bonnie Warren
WOW!!! I just read your Bio. I am impressed!!
John: Fantastic job at the Village Jazz Series in Yuma last night. It was a lot of fun, the crowd loved you as did the musicians. Hope to have you here again!
I especially enjoyed your "Take the A Train," and "Can't Take That Away." Please post more like this. I have a trio like yours, and my bass player's name is also Bill Andrews.
Saw you for the first time we went to Eddie V's. It was great. Donna and I enjoyed and loved your music. We can't wait to see you preform again when we get back to SD about 3 times a year. I live in Los Angeles and Donna FL
i see you visit door of faith contact me sometime we do surf camps down there
Hi John, Congratulations! Great New Web Site. When I moved I had to change my Email address. So, I haven't received any new updates. Please remember me and include me with your happenings. Gracias, Tu Tocayo, John
"SAN MUCOS HOMEBOY DOES GOOD" Good for you John !! P.S. you still can't sing worth a do-do :)
Hey Jay, how you doing?
Hi John! Your picture looks very nice. I trust and hope that you're doing fine. Tu Tocayo, John
We have the same name and are both musicians.
John Cain is not a doo doo head!
John, Great website! Playing drums with you, Cyndi, and Joe will always be one of the best of my musical memories. It's good to see you're doing well. Dennis
Just stopping by to say hello and to let you know we are really enjoying our CD's. We visited with you at San Marcos CC. Sincerely hope all is going well with you and your music. Looking forward to meeting you again. Best regards, Phyllis, Deborah, Edwyna, Smitty and Joe
Dear Mr Cain, I Just wanted to thank you for playing at the Quail a few Sundays ago. My family and I really enjoyed your music, the brunch was made complete because of your wonderful music and delightful personality. Thank you again. Please let me know of other events and venues that you have going. Best regards, Mark Raymond. Mark Raymond, (858) 414-9911 445 Marine View Avenue Suite 305 Del Mar, CA 92014
Hola..You recently created a CD from my father's composition called La Cubanita. My conductor friend, Samvel Cilingarian was very impressed by your work and is interested in acquiring the score for his orchestra..I would appreciate hearing from you.....Celia/Cecilia
found your shop through google... good site. regards Jan,
Great book adn I also enjoy the two CDs that I have. Great music taht I compare to Bobby Caldwell.
Hola Chico, Mi hermana La talentosa = Gloria Duarte shared your tunes recently when my boyfriend and I visited her in the Bay Area. While driving home with mi Novio, who loves music too, we listened and enjoyed the lyrics and were so tickled with your song "ALL", we giggled so much:). We felt like the words were written for us, so romantic and sensous. Gracias~
I'm a dancer who has enjoyed dancing to your music. Your book was terrific!
John Thank you for providing some wonderful and warm music last evening at the Unitarian Church in Laguna Beach. There is an entire city of potential fans if you come here more often. Thank you for trading a one of your books for one of my CD books "ElectriCity BEYOND THE CURVE OF DEREGULATION". It is also non-fiction. I hope you find it interesting. I have been reading bits of your book today and have found it a great distraction to the elusive goal of getting me and my 50 boxes of original documents transported back to KS ASAP! Thank you!
Hey John- Will be San Diego October 6th through the 14th. Are you going to be performing anywhere? Let us know as we would love to come and hear you perform while we are in town. Lana, Michael, Penny & Tim
Hey John, Man its been sooo many years. Glad to see you are doing well. Carl
Great music...I look forward to hearing you live and dancing to your music.
I love your website. It illustrates in one place what a wonderful person you are.
John: What a pleasure to know you all of these years, you are the best. See you soon...
sorry john, met you on Sat in Mission are great but tried to order all your records but your site just friend bought all your cd's you had on the piano on sat and i bougth one...wished i would have bought all of them too.....see you when we get back to coronado.....
Hey John, Long time since I last saw you. Way back when Woo and I were married! Hope some day soon to come by and see your performance. Gosh, it's been since Holiday inn at seaport. That's alot of years. Take care. Ron Wood
Hello John, googled myself and there you were. I also used to play tuba, trombone and piano but have given them up. Like your sound. When's your birthday? John Cain, TN
Dear John, Nancy and I play your CD's for all our friends in Washington, DC. We're big fans from your days at the Hotel Del. We hope to visit San Diego in 2007. Where can we catch you when we're out there? We send you our best!
Enjoyed hearing and meeting you at the Bahia at the end of August 2006. The CD you gave us is excellent, and listening to it brings back happy memories.
Hi My teachers name is Mr John Cain and he loves your music is there anyway you could get in contact with him? Thanks
Hi John, Hope to see you soon... if not at the Bahia, then in March at Elarios Big Hug, Andrea
Thanks for all the good times at the Town & Country's "Trellises" and lately "Elarios". And now at the Bahia. Keep it up..."pa lante es pa lla" and don't U forget it. My greatest moments are dancing to UR musical arrangements and Dhillon, Huertas, Juan Manuel Morones, Vilma Arroyo, etc, etc,. Thanks a million.... Sam
Frank, Maggie, Helen and I are planning to come to see you on January 28. Looking forward to that!
Hi John, Got your new CD here in Seattle. Thanks for sending it up and I'm looking forward to hearing it.
Hey nephew John!!! Your dad (my bro) would be so proud of you. Great web site - see you 6/12 @ CCAE, Esc. Luv yah, Crazy Aunt Shirley
Cool looking site, Dude! I'm planning a visit to SD in late June (with granddaughter Kiki). Hope to see you soon and am looking forward to more great music and entertainment! Love ya'!
well, seems like even tho' I've moved to the Black Hills of SD I'm still on someone's list...thanks for the photos showing musicomrades Dave Dhillon and Julio. I certainly do miss all the great music/fun times we created. Sorry, John, but you and I never did meet, but do love your stuff! Best wishes.
Great site to get all the "Cha Cha" on Cain! We loved seeing you live and in person last Saturday. Thanks for "la musica magnifica"!
So glad you finally got your website up. The pictures of your world-wide travels are really great. Love your arrangements too. And thanks for always giving us that extra "cha."
great sight. I love your lyrics, they really are beautiful. I was hoping you would have a copy of "Arizona sky" available????
Congratulations on your great looking (and sounding) website! Good for you! Barry and I wish you the best!
My congratulations on your most elegant and informative website. Elarios is but 5 minutes from our home, so we can enjoy your music more often, especially on Wednesdays. Your talent, and versatility, are rare treasures.
I loved your website. Very classy, the color is great, but of course YOUR MUSIC AND ARTISTRY we admire so much!!!!We are enjoying your at Elario's a lot. Thanks, Diana PS Thanks for such a great delivery of "Ni Mas Ni Menos"