Busy April 2015


Whew! Almost though April. Very busy. Lots of gigs. Did several seminars for the San Diego Symphony this month at elementary schools in the San Diego area. Gave many seminars as Artist In residence for the SoCal Jazz Society.

Had several recording studio sessions with songwriter/singer Adam Slonim. Also a series of sessions with wonderful Bay Area bassist/singer/composer George Franklin. Earl Klugh, Bob James and John Recovich also on the sessions.

Heading with KatieCat to Portland Oregon for a couple of private gigs. I'll be back May 3 with my Jazz Trio at Eddie V's La Jolla.

Bye Bye Piano


I just donated my Chickering baby grand piano to the music dept. at the UCSD Preuss school. I feel sad to say good bye to it but happy knowing that for years kids will be using her to learn music. Now I have to find a replacement for my own personal use! I've been teaching a jazz class at the school every Tuesday so I'll be visiting my old Chickering often.

Spring 2014


Cranking out lots of music so far this year. Finished up my road stint to Arizona this Feb/March. Besides regular venues doing a couple of Sundays at the NEW Eddie V's at Seaport Village, San Diego. I'll be going to Denver at the end of August for a jazz concert.

Going to Cuenca Ecuador in Oct. to visit my jazz pianist idol and friend James Gala. I'll probably do a little gig at the club while I'm there.

Great Artists in the "Hood"


Last week at my regular gig at the Sheraton, La Jolla I was lucky to meet a couple of great musicians who were passing through San Diego on their tour. Joe Powers, harmonica player extraordinaire and his guitarist Jim sat in for a few tunes. Joe is a virtuoso on the harmonica specializing in tango music. He also sanf wonderfully. Check out his website www.joepowers.com

I've also been fortunate that last couple of weeks to have the legendary musician Jack Costanza in the audience. Jack is known as Mr. Bongo from his virtuosity on that instrument. he has performed with all the greats including Peggy Lee, the Stan Kenton Orchestra and on and on.

The New Year is Here!


Wow! Can't believe it's already 2014. Man, time flies when you're being stupid! Ha! The new year has started off well for me. Been getting ready with singer KatieCat for the upcoming Yuma Jazz Series concert at the end of Feb.Just released a new video for my song "Back To Being Myself Again" from my album "Life's A Good Gig."

Summer Time


Can't believe it's summer. I'm performing all over the place. Check the performance dates section of my website for the addresses dates and times. I hope you can come and see me sometime soon

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